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Solar Energy is the Future towards a Green and Clean World | One kilowatt of Solar Energy compensates for the burning of 170 pounds of coal with 300 pounds of CO2 being released into the atmosphere | The amount of energy the Earth receives in an hour from the sun is more than what the world uses in one year | If we cover the Thar Desert with photovoltaic panels, we could cover all the energy requirements of Earth | An area of the sun's surface the size of a postage stamp shines with the power of 1.5 million candles. | Make energy while the sun shines. The time has come to harness this enormous potential.

The Future is Solar Energy. Let’s use it.

  • For million of years, light provided by the sun has made life possible on Earth. As an inexhaustible and cost-free energy source, the sun also plays a decisive role in shaping our future. No other resource is as environment-friendly or as permanent as the sun.
  • Making the use of Solar Energy as easy and economically viable as possible has been the expressed goal of Rukmini Energy Pvt. Ltd..
  • Solar Energy is the future. This conviction motivates us every single day to make photovoltaics a fundamental pillar of the global energy supply, by adopting cutting-edge technologies.

Advantages of Solar Energy

The general arguments for Solar Energy can be summed up as following:
  • The use of Solar Energy is not associated with any environmental risks – no oil spills, nuclear accidents and other man made environmental catastrophes. They significantly reduce green house and CO2 emissions.
  • The energy pay-back time of modern solar electric is much less than the life expectancy of the equipment (2-5 years against a life of 25 years).
  • PV modules have no moving parts and hence running maintenance costs of the system are very low.
  • Solar Power is a reliable source of energy and back up batteries ensures that power is supplied throughout the night as well, when the sun is not shining. It broadly helps to reduce the $ 30 billion losses suffered by businesses each year due to power reliability problems.
  • The distribution of Solar Energy on the surface of the planet is fairly even in comparison to the availability of other sources. The yield is fairly constant.
  • Global distribution of Solar Energy coincides largely with regions of highest human settlements.
  • Stand-alone PV systems can supply clean power practically anywhere on the planet.
  • PV modules are recyclable and old modules can be used to manufacture new ones.

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