Solar PV Power Plant

Solar PV Power PlantUnlimited energy source – infinite possibilities


Power Generation that Pays:

The direct current (DC) produced by the solar modules is converted by an inverter into grid-compatible, alternating current (AC) and fed directly into the grid of the local power company. The amortization time of solar power systems can be significantly reduced by the attractive feed-in tariff schemes of Government authorities.


Power Generation that is Self-Sufficient:

There are many places in the world which are not connected to the public grid. With our stand-alone systems for internal consumption, we provide custom-made, high performance systems for a completely self-sufficient power supply. High performance batteries with automatic charge controllers store unused energy to guarantee reliable energy supply at all times – even when the sun isn't shining on the horizon. Our stand-alone off-grid systems ensure a reliable power supply even when the next public grid is kilometers away. Residential System, Commercial System, Street & Garden Lighting System etc. are some of the main Off-grid products offered by Rukmini Energy Pvt. Ltd..

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