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Rukmini Energy Pvt. Ltd., previously known as Rukmini Corporation, which was established in the year 2009, with the aim of developing and promoting Solar Energy as a feasible and sustainable source of power. The Organization is committed to the cause of sustainable development of technology, quality and reduction of costs. We always rely on latest technologies for continuous improvement in the systems to make it most suitable, effective and user friendly.

We strive to provide our customers the best systems in the world. From planning to the handover of turnkey photovoltaic systems, Rukmini Energy Pvt. Ltd. offers high quality system components from selected manufacturers. Plus a complete range of services to meet all of their Solar Energy needs. As Project Developers, we undertake all required procedures to be adopted for successful commissioning of a Solar PV Plant.

Our Technical team comprises of retired officials of Ministry of New & Renewable Energy of Government of India as our Advisors & Consultative Board Members. Our mission is to make available state-of-art PV systems to our customers which suits their needs and is cost effective.

At Rukmini Energy Pvt. Ltd., high quality and customer satisfaction are our top priorities. Through superior products, high-quality service and innovative solutions, it is our objective to meet the diverse needs of our customers in every respect.

Whether grid-connected or stand-alone, rooftop installations or ground-mounted systems, Rukmini Energy Pvt. Ltd. offers the complete spectrum of products and services to meet various solar energy needs. And here’s what you can count on:

  • The Customer Determines Our Priorities.
  • Superior Quality as the Basis for Maximum Yield.
  • Preserving Resources and Protecting “The Environment”.

At Rukmini Energy Pvt. Ltd., for successful commissioning of a Solar PV Power Generation Project, we opt for:

  • World-class Technical and Performance features.
  • Reduced Capital Cost.
  • Due care for arrangement of Power Evacuation.
  • Maintaining the Time-frame for installing/commissioning of the Plant.
  • Recording of Power Generation, Incident Solar radiation on the PV array surface.
  • Large Capacity and Higher output PV modules for specific technology used in setting-up the Power Plant.
  • Best Qualifications of PV modules to be used/Standards issued by IEC 61215 certifications and others.
  • High Quality Electronics/Cables/Controls/Structures etc. for all safety norms for Grid Power Projects.
  • Suitable instruments, meters and data loggers for estimation of generation in Kwh per MWp PV array capacity at the site.
  • Use of efficient electronics, lower cable losses, maximization of Power transfer from PV modules to electronics and the Grid, maximization of power generation by enhancing incident radiation by optimal methods like seasonally changing tilt angles etc. Installing suitable instruments and make adequate arrangements to monitor the performance and satisfactory operation of the Power Plants.

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