Rural Electrification Project

With the rapid changing scenario of fast depleting conventional energy sources, the future of conventional electric power system is getting uncertain. This has led to worldwide thrust on development and use of non-conventional energy sources for electric power generation & use. This coupled with almost no chances of extending the electric power grids to the remote and/or hilly villages and particularly those located deep in the forest due to problems associated with drawing power lines through it and their Operation & M, use of non-conventional energy sources remains the only alternative for providing reliable electricity to such remote villages.

Most of the village people are below poverty line. Some of them are jobless. The Solar Photo Voltaic based Electric Power Plant (SPV) proposed for the villages will be helpful for:

  • Improving the living conditions of the village people.
  • Generating new opportunities for over all upliftment.
  • Providing light for study and promote education amongst children promising the better future.
  • Providing required drinking water facility in the village.
  • Creating awareness about the renewable sources of energy and using them for entrepreneurship like micro-cottage industries etc. thereby improving economic conditions.
  • Saving Kerosene and forest wood presently being used for lighting.
  • Creating environmental awareness amongst the people and help control avoidable destruction of the forest.

Rural Electrification Project

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