Solar Water Heater

Solar Water HeaterRadiation from the Sun is collected by a solar collector converted into heat energy which transfers heat into the water flowing through the collectors and then the Hot water is stored in an insulated stainless steel tank. This System is designed to deliver hot water 24 hours a day, without using Electricity.

Study shows that use of 100 liters per day (lpd) of Solar Water Heating System can save up to 1530 units of electricity every year and thus the system reimburses its cost within 2 years and assures free electricity bills for the rest of its service life. Besides, it immensely helps us to control pollution. A 100 lpd capacity Solar Water Heater prevents emission of 1.35 tons of Carbon dioxide per year. The systems are based on reliable & most efficient technology and require minimal installation as compared to your savings & comfort.


Households, Hotels, Resorts, Hospitals, Process Industries, Boiler Feed, Laundries, Canteens, Agricultural Sectors, Hatcheries etc.

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