Solar Water Pump

Solar Water PumpSolar Power enabled Water Pumps are highly efficient, reliable and capable to lift water even from 100ft below the ground, what to say of wells or reservoirs. The power requirements for running the Pumps are met by the customized Solar Modules which generate electricity. It eliminates the need of diesel generator sets and grid electricity for filling overhead tanks and else. Without doubt, Solar Power based Water Pumps are most suitable for various other applications such as operating Sprinklers and other Irrigational purposes at large. Be it Drinking Water Supply, Deep Well Pumping, Pond Management etc, this unique product will revolutionize the use of water pumps. The system is well equipped with Thermal and Overload protection for long life of the product. The installation process being simple, this unique product is maintenance free throughout the long life expectancy period and a very cost effective tool in modern day Irrigation requirements.

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